Life is fun when you glow!


WELCOME GLOW RUNNERS!  FUN GLOW 5K is the most exciting run/walk 5k event in the world! Fun Glow 5k is suitable for the whole family. We throw one of the most energetic music and foam parties you will ever find at a 5k night event. Hosted by some of the hottest Dj talent in S. Florida and pack full of entertainment. This is what you have been waiting for. Here is what you need to know:

Q: What is event packet pick up? Will there be an event packet pick-up prior to the event day? 

A: Event Packet pick up saves you from waiting in long lines the day of the event. Event packet pick up will be held on the Friday May 17, 2019 the day before the event at Juice 2 U located at 6919 sw 18th st. Boca Raton, FL 33433.   Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter, for daily postings of  information about this. An e-mail will also be sent out to all registered participants stating the time and location. (Pre-Race packet pick-up is highly encouraged to attend on the day before the event to avoid extended wait times on event day. There is also a $5 registration fee on the day of the event, but not at pre-event packet pick up.

Download Event Packet Pick Up PDF below: 

Q:Do I have to pay to attend if I just want to spectate? 

A: Attending the event is free! You will have access to the venue, music and party for free. To run or walk the 5k glow course you will need to purchase a ticket. 

Q: How much is parking?

A: Parking is $10 cash per vehicle.

Q: Do i need to be in great physical condition to participate?

A:   Not at all!  You can walk, run or dance the course, its up to you. Take your sweet time glowing around, this is not a timed run event. Fun Glow 5k event promotes living a healthy and active life style. This is a great event for all types of fitness levels and ages. "We are more about the fun and less about the run".


Q: Is there an age limit to participate ?

A: There's no age limit on having fun!  You can register your kids under Regular  or VIP Tickets.  Everyone must register on to participate in the 5k run/walk.  Race bibs are required for all ages.  (All children under 12 must be accompanied by a participating adult on the course).



A: Yes you can pick up for others. You will have to present a photo copy ID, cell phone picture of their ID and a signed waiver if one was not signed during online registration. There will be no exceptions so please don't forget these items.  If you are picking up for a minor please have a copy of the signed waiver by parents or guardian and copy of their picture I.D.


A:  Waivers are mandatory for ALL PARTICIPANTS, including volunteers, adults, minors.  During registration,  you will be given the option of electronically sign your waiver.   If you missed this step or need another waiver, please go to the link below to download a copy.  Must print, sign and bring copy to packet pick up or to the event.

***download waivers here!*** 

Q: can i start or join a team?

A: Yes, in fact we encourage you to create a cool team name and invite all your friends. BTW the biggest registered team will win a VIP free merchandise. During registration choose start or join team. Follow the simple instruction from there.

***More on teams can be found here: Teams


A:  Giving back to communities, local charities and those in need is one of the founding ideas and goals of the Fun glow 5k event. The founders have always been heavily involved in finding new ways to give back to those in need. Each event will be involved with a local charity in that area. (See CHARITIES page for more information).  

Q: Can i refund my registration?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds.  Once you are registered, YOU ARE REGISTERED!!  You can stop by our registration /check in table and pick up any goodies you purchased in advance and save them for our next race.   You will be able to transfer your registration to another glower!  See the instructions below.  If you purchased a special insurance with to protect your Tickets, you must contact directly.  

Q: how can i transfer my registration if i'm unable to attend to the event?

A:  Very simple! Follow the directions below.  

  1. Participant logs in at:

  2. Select the Transfer registration to another athlete link under the event name.

  3. Enter and confirm the email address of the participant that is accepting the registration.

  4. Click submit.

Q: what is included in a regular registration ticket purchase?

A:  Regular registration includes:  

  • Entrance to the Fun Glow 5k event.

  • A race bib to identify you as an official participant.

  • A white Fun Glow 5K, UV reactive T-Shirt.

  • Entrance to an incredible EDM Glow party, with entertainment live Dj's, food trucks, foam cannons and free give away's . There will be many glow gear and give-aways thrown from the stage.

Q:What is included in a VIP ticket registration purchase?

A:    VIP registration includes:


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  • Entrance to the Fun Glow 5K event and Glow party.

  • A race bib to identify you as an official participant

  • PLUS (Exclusive to VIP):

    • Whit VIP T-shirt

    • LED Baton.

    • LED ring.

    • LED Slotted shade glasses.

    • Temporary Tattoos.

Get your glow on and look really cool with this amazing deal, not to mention saving big$$ with this deal.

Q: Can i take pictures?

A:  Of Course! Take as many pics as you like.  Make sure to tag your pictures to #funglow5k on Instagram and twitter.  Post them on our Facebook page and show your glow off. Note that really good pictures and Go-pro videos will definitely be posted on our website and possibly used in advertising.   

NOTE:  If you are a photographer that would like to come and photograph our event, we will grant you permission with the understanding that any photographs you take may be used and edited by Fun Glow 5K for marketing and promotional purposes with or without written consent. Please contact us at for more information.


A:  Sorry "SPIKE", but doggies are not allowed.  

Q:  How much of the course has the glow on and music?

A:  There are several  glow zones through out the course that will get  you glowing like a fire fly!  After all that excitement out on the course, the party is on with music, food, neon lights, foam cannons and more glow!

Q: Will the glow ruin my clothes, shoes, hair or get in my car?

A: Most people bring some towels, a change of clothes and plastic bags to cover their car seats.  Is totally up to you if you want to continue glowing all night and take the glow home.   All "neon paints" should wash off with a good shower. 


A:  There is no spectator fee! All are welcome to join our celebration and "GLOW" party.  Encourage friends and family to join you for the party.