Main facts about evening running

Evening jogging has several very significant advantages compared to morning one. Firstly, it is easier to find time for a run. In the morning, many find it difficult to wake up early in order to have time to work out before work.
Secondly, jogging at the end of the day helps to relieve the stress accumulated during the day and relax before going to bed.
Thirdly, by jogging in the evenings, you can burn the extra calories received during the day and speed up your metabolism, contributing to a more active burning of fat by the body during sleep.

Rules for increasing the benefits of evening running

To benefit from jogging, you need to follow a number of rules.
Choosing a place for jogging. When running, blood flow is accelerated, due to which organs and tissues are better supplied with blood saturated with oxygen and nutrients. This process has a positive effect on health. But as you might guess, it flows better with sufficient access to oxygen. Therefore, it is better to go jogging in parks or other places away from the city, the air in which by this time is saturated with harmful substances. Small stadiums are not the best option for jogging. They have to run in a small circle, which can lead to dizziness. It is better to choose a flat long road.

The duration of the workout. Workout before bed should be light. This is important because the quality of sleep must be maintained. The first attempts should not last longer than 15 minutes. You can gradually increase the duration. But not exceeding the maximum of 30 minutes.
The best time. Many novices make the same mistake of coming home from work, having dinner, taking a long break in front of the TV, and only then jogging. You can’t do that. After rest, the biorhythms of the body are adjusted to sleep, their repeated launch causes stress. The optimal time for a run is from 19.00 to 22.00. During this period, the body is already calm and able to cope with stress but is not yet very passive.

A few important tips about running

You can’t run on an empty stomach. However, you shouldn’t eat too much. Be sure to have a snack before training, but give preference to easily digestible food. For example, a steam omelet, vegetable, or fruit salad.
Warming up is an essential element of any workout. Before running, the main focus in the warm-up should be on the legs. Rope exercises or jumping up in place will do. Rub your feet with your hands to increase blood flow.

Start running and you will soon notice improvements in your appearance and well-being. Not only the figure, but also the nervous system will return to normal. Proper evening jogging will help reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality.