What are the benefits of morning running?

The first thing that affects the quality of a run is the condition of the athlete. If you are a morning lover, then getting up for running an hour earlier is not a problem for you. But with a predominantly nocturnal lifestyle, the morning rise does not bring pleasure, the body is weakened, not ready for physical activity, especially running. If you cannot change the schedule, then do not torture yourself. For the rest, let’s talk about the changes that you will feel after the first two weeks of exercise:

  • Discipline. Any sports training at the same time leads to self-discipline.
  • Health and endurance. An athlete has a much more efficient circulatory system, strengthens the heart muscles, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, and thanks to fresh air, the volume of the lungs increases. Immunity also improves, there are less common colds and acute respiratory infections.
  • Burning fat. Cardio classes are considered the most effective for this purpose.
  • However, there are special features for the female and male bodies.

What are the benefits of running in the morning for women?

For girls, the following advantages of running are crucial:

  • Dopamine is produced – the hormone of happiness, so the whole day you will be charged with a positive mood. This will reduce sugar cravings.
    Beautiful, clear, toned skin. A flushed face is a sign of an intense rush of blood. Such good blood circulation leads to the fact that each cell is saturated with oxygen and nutrients, and is updated.
  • Lack of stress, the nervous system calms down.
  • Rejuvenation of the body, including the reproductive system. It is also associated with the influx of blood cells in the pelvic organs. Light running is especially recommended for women during menopause.
  • Slenderness – for a girl it is very important to give the body shape, elasticity, but not to make the figure masculine. Unlike strength training, cardio training gives an overall tone to the muscles, evenly distributing the load.

How does running in the morning help men?

In addition to the above points, which are also applicable to men, there are features that are characteristic only for guys. Scientists have proven that with this type of load, hormones are produced that increase potency. The result is increased sex drive and a good erection. This is provided not only by the hormonal background but by increased blood circulation.

Strengthening blood vessels is the main prevention of early impotence, and the supply of oxygen to the body and brain leads to the active work of the brain centers that affect libido.

You will achieve any goals if you learn to make an effort on yourself. The motto of the athletes sounds like this: the main victory is over yourself. And then you can conquer the whole world.